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Perimeter Alarm Perth Solutions, is what we offer you. All of our indoor and outdoor security systems are designed to your specific needs once you have had an assessment of your home and lifestyle by your Security Consultant.

A typical Perth home alarm system / early warning outdoor deterent could include:
1 x house alarm panel
1 x front door sensor
1 x laundry door sensor
1 x alfresco door sensor
1 x panic button
2 x remote controls
3 x outdoor decals
3 x motion detectors in the home
3 x outdoor perimeter motion detectors

The investment will be discussed on site with you, but allow between $700 and $900

Inclusive of GST, fully installed and completed.
Please note: a) if you wish to have your alarm system monitored it will be from your house phone line and new alarm panel will be connected as per the current one

Please chat to one of our friendly staff if you want upgrades for the following:

Perth perimeter alarms systems outdoor early warning sytems and CCTV cameras alarm company signage, outdoor cameras, visible deterents, your alarm monitoring packages, perimeter alarms, whatever will suit your needs, we are happy to help !


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